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Category: Matrimonial Law

Immigration Court Standing Orders are suspended

because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Immigration courts’ standing orders are not in effect through Jan. 31, 2022. What are some of the changes for Immigration court hearings? Attorneys and respondents for now do not need to be in the same location (e.g. the attorney’s office). So when appearing for by phone or webex …


USCIS extends time to respond

Great news regarding responding to deadlines set by USCIS. A couple of days ago USCIS announced that they are extending the flexibility in responding to their Notices. Originally announced in March 2020, now it is continued, USCIS  will grant additional time for applicants to respond. What notices does this USCIS notice apply to? To help …


60-day rule for Medical Exam temporary waiver – a good news for Adjustment of Status

A great USCIS update.  Up until now, the medical exam which goes with the adjustment of status application should have a civil surgeon signature within 60 days of mailing the application.  USCIS is temporarily amending this policy. So  until September 2022 the 60-day policy is no longer valid. Why is this update such great news? …


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